NO2Nitrogen Dioxide


STEL: 5ppm (Short Term exposure Limit - 15mins)

TWA: 1ppm (Time Weighted Average - 8hrs)


Alarm Recomendations
Rising Latching Alarms For Line Safety Applications

First Alarm: Second Alarm: Third Alarm:
3ppm 5ppm Optional

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)Molecule

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is an extremely toxic gas, readily detected by its acrid Chlorine like smell at low concentrations. Concentrations as low as 4ppm can anaesthetise the nose leading to a false sense of security and over exposure. Nitrogen Dioxide will readily combine with water to form Nitric Acid. As Nitrogen Dioxide is a component of vehicle and power station exhaust gases it is a major factor in acid rain. Nitrogen Dioxide readily combines with water to form Nitric acid and as such attacks mucous membranes in the nose and throat.

Sources of NO2 are, vehicle exhausts, Thermal power stations, pulp mills, butane heaters and gas stoves.

NO2 is also produced in industry being used as an inhibitor to prevent polymerisation of acrylates during distillation; as a nitrating agent for organic compounds; as an oxidising agent; as a rocket fuel; as a flour bleaching agent and in increasing the wet strength of paper.

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