SafePark: Car Park Gas Detection

SafePark is the complete car park gas detection system. The implementation of a car park gas detection system limits environmental impact of your application, protects users and provides huge savings on energy. Electricity is expensive, and running a ventilation system all day uses a lot of electricity. But, as the emission levels in a car park vary over the course of a day, constant ventilation is an unnecessary expense.

IGD’s SafePark Gas Detection System will automatically engage your ventilation fans at the appropriate level when emission levels are breached and reduce ventilation when safe emission levels are established, potentially saving you thousands on electricity, without compromising on safety.

What are the Gas Hazards?

There are a number of different gases that can present a hazard in a car park so appropriate car park gas detection equipment is vital.

  • Colourless, odourless and highly poisonous
  • The product of incomplete combustion
  • Even low-level exposure can pose a significant health risk
  • Colourless and poisonous
  • Produced by diesel vehicles
  • LPG is a common fuel in some regions
  • Hydrogen is produced by most electric vehicles
  • Both can contribute to a flammable and explosive atmosphere

The SafePark Solution

With SafePark, IGD present a complete solution that utilises our 2-Wire Addressable technology to monitor for all car park gases and vary your ventilation accordingly. More than a century of innovation has seen us continually develop pioneering technologies, making us the Detectably Better choice for all your car park gas detection needs.

You can rest assured that with IGD you’re protected by our 10-year warranty on electricals and the expert support of our Aftercare+ Team.

The SafePark Detector

SafePark Detectors come pre-calibrated to monitor nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitric oxide (NO) carbon monoxide (CO) or flammables (LPG and H2) providing fast, accurate, and reliable gas detection. All our long-life detectors are backed by our 10-year electronics guarantee.

The SafePark Controller

The SafePark Controller is the best option for upgrades on existing systems offering complete control of every element of your gas detection setup on our 2-Wire Addressable system and providing you with digital readings through our Wi-Fi interface. The Controller is compact and fits onto a DIN rail to save on space and comes in both a single port and a 6-port version.

The SafePark Control Panel

The SafePark Control Panel is best suited to end users in need of our full turnkey service. It’s an alternative to the SafePark Controller that boasts all the same features and more. The Control Panel comes in its own custom housing with a 2×8 RGB colour change display, jog wheel, 1-Click setup, and the ability to backup any customised settings using our Wi-Fi interface.

The safepark installation diagram

Pioneering Car Park Gas Detection Technology

2-Wire Addressable Digital Communication

Our 2-Wire Addressable system allows you to interconnect multiple detectors via a single cable, providing precise and dependable gas monitoring throughout the car park. With our Sentinel+TM software, you can also add various devices directly from the closest detector. Thanks to SafePark’s built-in Wi-Fi, cloud-based data acquisition and SMS alerts, remote access for maintenance and data log downloads is seamless. You can even integrate our products into an existing system or repurpose your current wiring, significantly reducing installation costs.

Electrochemical Sensors

  • Low-level PPM detection for CO, NO and NO2
  • Designed to detect gas quickly
  • Allow for precision control of your ventilation system
  • Long-life and low maintenance

MK8 Pellistor Sensors

  • Accurate detection for H2 and LPG
  • Unmatched poison resistance
  • Protected against inhibiting materials, heat and humidity
  • Long operational life and minimal drift for continuous accuracy

A Fully Compliant System

To be considered fully compliant, a car park gas detection system must adhere to certain standards, specifically EN 50545-1 and IEC 6007929. But knowing everything about the relevant safety standards isn’t your job, it’s ours. We hold all appropriate accreditations and with an IGD setup, you can rest assured that your gas detection system is reliable, fully compliant, and backed by over a century of expertise and IGD’s 10-year warranty.

The Service

IGD can provide a full turn-key service from the installation to the maintenance of your car park gas detection system. All of our products support 3rd party integration so that HVAC installers can implement our products into an existing system. We also provide industry-leading support through our dedicated Aftercare+ Team and comprehensive training packages through our free online IGD Academy.

Our goal is to equip you with whatever you need to achieve the perfect car park gas detection solution, from product design, installation and maintenance, to gas safety education.

At IGD we’ve been dedicated to the development of pioneering gas detection equipment since our incorporation over a century ago. With our unparalleled industry knowledge, experience and commitment to innovation, you can rely on IGD to provide you with a gas detection system that will save you money, and keep you safe.

Get in touch

Contact one of our expert team today to find out more about our complete range of car park gas detection products, read our recent article to take a deep dive into the world of car park gas detection here, or check out our work in action in our recent case study here.

We recently installed a SafePark system in the car park of The National Theatre. To see SafePark in action, check out our recent case study here.

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