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Boiler Room Gas Detection Systems

Gas fired boiler plant requires careful consideration in relation to gas detection. Boiler plant rooms can range from small boilers in a school/office block to larger installations. IGD has over 100 years of experience in providing boiler room gas detection solutions. Typical leak detection could be for Natural Gas (Methane), LPG or other fuel gases. IGD also provide monitors for Carbon Monoxide or CO2 detection in boiler plant rooms where products of combustion can be an issue. Additionally, where boiler flues pass through other rooms before venting then Carbon Monoxide detectors must be fitted to mitigate for leaking flues. We can provide both turnkey solutions from design to install and aftercare. Or you can buy online, and you will only require regular service (no install engineer required).

We have multiple solutions to suit your requirements:

  • For smaller formats our MICRO controllers are ideal. These can be installed by the end user within a matter of minutes. With our industry first 1 click automatic alarm setup, you can install it yourself without any prior knowledge in gas detection by following our guidelines. These can be bought online here.
  • Our flammable Pellistor technology and CO sensors are long life 8 year+ sensors with enhanced poison resistance. This means your running upkeep cost is cut down to a minimum.
  • Finally, for larger boiler installations and where the ceiling is too high for a conventional detector, our 2-Wire Addressable Sampler and gas hoods, are the ideal solution. Our continuous samplers allows you to place them at a convenient point; meaning your engineer doesn’t require Working at Heights permits to service the system.

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Call us on +44(0)161 483 1415 or email sales@internationalgasdetectors.com to learn more on how IGD can help with your boiler gas detection needs.

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