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Hydrogen Gas Monitor Solutions by International Gas Detectors Ltd.

Hydrogen Gas Monitor from International Gas Detectors – We can provide a range of fixed sensors and portable hydrogen gas monitors for the detection of H2.

It is important for many industries to have accurate and fast detection of Hydrogen to avoid the gas reaching dangerous explosive levels.

Discover our range of hydrogen gas detectors and associated instruments. Designed specifically for the detection of H2. Our hydrogen gas monitor range includes:

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10% LEL

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A hydrogen molecule.

Hydrogen (H2) Properties:

Hydrogen is a non-toxic, odourless and colourless gas that is lighter than air. H2 is the smallest molecule in the universe, and is likely to leak from containment. This doesn’t pose a huge threat to personnel as it is non-toxic, however Hydrogen is extremely flammable, substantially more than common gas fuels.

Hydrogen in air is flammable at concentrations of between 4% and 75%. The energy required to ignite a Hydrogen and oxygen mix is as low as 0.017mj, whereas gasoline ignites at around 0.25mj. Having a sufficient Hydrogen Gas Monitor system is essential in environments where it is used, especially in flammable environments, as the smallest leak can be fatal.

At IGD we manufacture and supply a complete range of hydrogen gas monitors from lightweight portable devices to fixed continuous hydrogen gas monitors.

Properties of Hydrogen:

  • Consists of 2 molecules, each molecule bound together is made up of Hydrogen atoms
  • Melting point: -259.14 °C
  • Boiling point: -252.87 °C
  • Commonly transported in liquid form in dewars or tanks
  • In gas form, it is stored in high-pressure gas tanks
  • Lighter than air

Common Applications for Hydrogen

Hydrogen is commonly used across various industries. This including the Refrigeration, Medical and Drinks industry. Hydrogen usage is also becoming more common in fuel. This is due to the lack of emissions produced when burning hydrogen – its only by-product is water. Thus, Hydrogen has great potential to replace fossil fuels in the near future.

Hydrogen is commonly emitted in steam methane reforming (smr) as well as when charging lead acid batteries. Backup battery facilities commonly use Lead Acid batteries, and these can be found across various industries. These industries include emergency care units, data centres, universities, stock exchanges as many more. The batteries are continuously charged usually in a storage room, so it is important to have a Hydrogen Gas Monitor in place to make sure this doesn’t reach above 4%.

Read our Hydrogen Application page to learn more about the different industries and hazards.

IGD’s Hydrogen Gas Monitor Solutions:

The TOC-750 safe area addressable gas detector is commonly deployed into commercial environments such as laboratories, research, battery storage and battery research. The TOC-750 has 7 onboard input and output options allowing for more than just gas detectors to be locally controlled. You can control other devices such as solenoid valves and beacon sounders.

TOC-750 hydrogen gas monitor

Pictured: TOC-750 safe area addressable gas detector.


The TOC-750S aspirated detector is ideal for cleanrooms or hard to access environments due to its sampling ability.

ATEX detectors such as the 750X Addressable ATEX Gas Detector are also commonly used in potentially flammable atmospheres such as zone 1 and 2. This can include hydrogen recovery process, hydrogen storage areas, battery charging facilities such as forklifts to name a few.

Our product pages go into further detail about our fixed gas monitor benefits and advantages. However you can always talk to our team of gas detection experts by contacting our team here. We provide full project support from initial system design to supply, installation and ongoing service.

Portable Hydrogen Gas Monitor Solutions:

In addition to fixed hydrogen gas monitors, we also provide high quality, low-cost portable hydrogen gas monitors. We are Senko Koreas official representative for the UK and Ireland, allowing us to not only provide their range of hydrogen gas monitors with fast delivery but also support these unit in the field. Including traceable calibration and training. The monitor range includes the 4 gas MGT series for CO, H2S, O2 and flammables, which includes hydrogen.

Alternatively we also provide a single gas monitor for 0-1000ppm hydrogen detection for more sensitive personal protection.

senko SGT-P portable hydrogen gas monitor

Contact Us Today for your Hydrogen Gas Monitor Solutions

Our hydrogen gas monitors can be supplied with the most advanced Pellistor (catalytic) sensor in the world. This allows for accurate %LEL (lower explosive limit) detection. Alternatively where hydrogen detection requires more sensitive detection, such as battery charging facilities; we provide parts per million detection. This then provides you with a much lower, more sensitive detection where early leak detection is required.

With a team of experts and over 100 years of dedicated gas detection manufacturing and supply experience, IGD is your solution for hydrogen gas monitoring. Contact our team of gas detection experts today for your hydrogen gas monitoring solution.

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