Service and Maintenance

Gas detection systems need to be serviced, calibrated and maintain, in a similar manner to your fire systems. The calibration and maintenance period will be a dependant on the environment, in which the detector is required to operate. Typically the maintenance/calibration period is 6-12 month, your IGD engineer will advise any required changes to the calibration period, to ensure compliance. Furthermore there is legislation behind getting your gas detection systems calibrated to manufacturer recommendations, and by competently trained engineers. Furthermore, the legislation can be found below:

IGD can help with service and maintenance of our advanced intelligent systems. We provide traceable calibration, with full system calibration data and service reports. These detail exactly what happened during your service visit and also the reports come straight from our gas detection control panels, detailing alarm levels and which traceable calibration gas was used. We can also service many other gas detection systems and portables, as we have third party trained engineers.

A quote from Nick Williams - Daemon Fire

The service & support the IGD team has provided has enabled us to deliver systems in accordance with the client’s requirements.

When an issue is raised, the support team provides the solution and the replacement product has been with us within 24 hours.

-Nick Williams, Daemon Fire

Types of IGD Gas Detection Training:

We do offer an Engineers Training Scheme. You can apply to become an IGD trained engineer, by completing the 3 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) approved courses online and a days practical training here at IGD. Due to our Training Scheme, we do have 3rd party engineers who have been trained to install and service our systems. Engineers must be able to demonstrate competency; as these are key HSE and ISO requirements. An approved, trained IGD engineer will be able to demonstrate certification, obtained from our Online CPD Training Academy,. Clients are strongly advised to ask IGD to verify that the engineer is certified to service IGD equipment. This is to comply with the PUWER Act.

End User Training – Owner Operator Training

We also provide training for end users. This helps end user understand the systems they have, understand gas detection and legislation. We also help to develop our clients Safe Operating Procedures in case of alarms. This also helps clients understand what a gas detection alarm will be like.

If you are interested in becoming a Trained IGD Install and Service Engineer please contact us at: or call us on +44(0)161 483 1415. Or if you would like to know more about the services we offer or about our Online Training Academy, please email Hal Collier: 

A quote from Richard Turner - Department Safety Officer

As a safety adviser, I am pleased that the preventative maintenance & servicing of my many IGD gas detection systems are done in time; along with the appropriate associated risk and method statements.

-Richard Turner, Department Safety Officer

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