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Here at IGD we’re proud of the work we do and the clients we work with. Find out what people say about International Gas Detectors below. 

“After going over 21 years on the gas detection system business for both portable and fixed system it is a joy to finally find a system (IGD) that are both easy to use, and provide a level of sophistication which can comply to customer needs on every level of coverage. I am certain that this new partnership and technology will not only be beneficial for us but for any customers as well and the hope that they will feel safer during their professional activities. I am eager to spread the noise since it is not also our duty to educate the customer but also to provide them with a safe and reliable equipment knowing that they have a dedicated, experienced team of professional behind them.”
Paul Renon – Executive Director at Teknokraft
"The ease of installation meant we were able to keep within budget and reduced time spent on site. The ability to set the system up via your phone was a major success and was easy to navigate and use the TOCSIN 635 system. The continued support from IGD was incredibly helpful and made our first installation easy. So far, the equipment has proved to be stable and functioning without any operational problems. Vestteknikk is very pleased with the cooperation with Oslo Municipality and especially the staff in place which also seems to be mutual”
Vestteknikk Norway
“IGD’s Tweet is a little later as the oxygen enrichment sensors arrived with us yesterday. Absolutely awesome bits of kit. Ideal, so straight forward and basic. Even I could understand them. So simple, just plug in and after warm up off it goes! This will make it so easy for the fire officers to be able to reliably and confidently reassure that the oxygen concentration levels are not an issue in the high usage wards…. or it will let us know if we have a problem. Really quick turnaround and delivery, thanks for the assistance IGD at least one headache resolved!”
Ian Davies – Bradford Teaching Hospital
“One of the strengths of being an independent supplier is the ability to build relationships with the manufacturers who are leaders in technology in their fields. That way we can provide the best solutions for our customers in each product category. For that reason, we are looking forward to working closely with IGD on fixed gas detection for the onshore market. We strongly believe that the 2-Wire addressable gas detection system is the future within fixed gas detection.”
Geir Magne Arvik – CEO of Vestteknikk
“We found that Senko O2 portable is light, compact and it’s easy to use. The display is big enough to see the reading clearly. The battery and sensor can be replaced which makes this product very good value for money. Also IGD that sells it has an excellent customer service hence we are keep coming"
Iwona – Queen Mary University
“After working with IGD on what was an initial gas detection system; the service levels, price and delivery has always been excellent. The support from IGD has been a huge help in getting the most out of the equipment.”
Peter – Experts Safety Compliance
"Thank you very much IGD for the training and support!! Your 2-Wire Addressable gas detection systems are the most modular, easy to use and cost effective available in the world. We are honoured and proud to distribute your gas detection equipment in our country!!"
Oleg - Impactor
“With regards to the equipment [TOCSIN 635 and 750 safe area detector] and setting up, so far we’re very happy about it. It was no problem to set it up and get it started. Luckily we haven’t had any alarms while operating yet, so we cannot share that experience as of now.”
Anne Vargas – Seaborg Technologies
“Pass my thanks to your team [IGD], the system was delivered and installed all in good time, despite the current pandemic. Fantastic work by IGD.”
Ed Chapman – Cardiff Principality Field Hospital
“Working with IGD has been a first-class experience. They’ve gone the extra mile on multiple occasions for us. Providing top class gas detection products all the while giving us great customer service”
Darren – Castle Electrical Services
“Our partnership with International Gas Detection enables our company to take advantage of innovative technologies in gas detection systems and offer our customers reliable and cost-effective solutions that precisely meet their requirements.”
Ing, Dusan Vavera – Coup Ostrava
"IGD have supported our project team all the way from product manufacturing through to technical support, becoming an IGD Aftercare partner has been an easy choice to make"
Medical Pipeline Systems Ltd
"Firstly, I'd like to say how impressed I was with the quality and attention to detail of the system we received from yourselves last week. I was particularly blown away that all the devices came pre-addressed and pre-calibrated...which was very refreshing."
Andrew Stone - Platinum Electrical Contracting Ltd
"The POLI N2O Portable Gas Detector has been very easy to set up and very user friendly to use."
Andy - Australian Antarctic Division
"we have been using a lot of these systems [TOC-635 Gas Detection Controller] and it has been easy for us to orient the client on the operations & monitoring of the equipment. Thanks to IGD's strong IT platform & yet, simple interface.
Justin - Sevens Technology
"I am very impressed with the gas detection manufacturing out there, who gas the distance beyond expectations. Those who provide online training and articles as invaluable resources. Shout-out to International Gas Detectors (IGD) in that regard"
Peter White - Founder of NewWorldSafety via LinkedIn
"Regarding our experience with the POLI N2O units, so far so good. Likewise our experience of IGD has been very positive and we appreciate IGD's additional support with the video training which has been fantastic."
Dave Carey - Head of Estates NHS
"We learned a lot over the training period and looks like we will learn a lot going forward so it great to do." [Regarding IGD gas detection service and commissioning training]
Scott Hadland - IS4 Cryogenics
"Our first impression is positive about the SGT-P Hydrogen portable detector. It is very easy to use and professional portable. We can also detect for small leaks at faulty connections by placing the sensor above the fitting. Would highly recommend this unit for personal hydrogen detection and leak detection"
Balint Major - KONTAKT-Elektro Kft
"Me and my team were really impressed with the iGAS CO2 portable gas detector. The long lifetime and the ability to charge on-the-go has significantly reduced the disruptions to workflow. Its very simple to use and really useful for my team"
Allen Bellamy - Robinsons Brewery
"Super efficient gas detection service. The service of our gas detection system by IGD was excellent. the whole process was dealt with efficiently"
Stephane - Lab Manager - FAAM Labs
"after contacting IGD, Hal and Andrew invited me to the showroom to view the VOC gas detection system in operation. Their technical knowledge gave me piece of mind that the solution would work. The products were easy to install and commission and have been running onsite for several months. Following on from the successful initial project, we have received further training from Ben and are in the process of installing another 9 gas detection systems."
Matthew - Climavent
"I've just been round and had a look at the new fixed gas detection systems - they look great"
Seb - Facilities Manager - National Theatre
“Your knowledge of the regulations and our clients requirements gave ourselves the confidence to offer a fully accredited and compliant ammonia gas detection system to the Landlord. This scheme was engineered and delivered onsite by a professional team that are a credit to your Company”.
Richard Harris - Director - at Phares Engineering
"Our search for a reliable, cost effective and simple H2 detection solution brought us to IGD. Their ultra responsive and helpful customer service and technical teams were critical components in the seamless integration of their technology into our projects, ensuring the safe operation of our hydrogen systems for our clients."
Brad Arnold - Hydrogen Consultant - Creo International
"Just to let you know I am very happy with the gas detection equipment, good communication and quick turnaround."
Miles Abraham - Field Service Engineer - Fire and Security Company

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