Ozone Gas Detectors (O3)

Ozone Gas Detector Solutions by International Gas Detectors Ltd.

Ozone Gas Detectors from International Gas Detectors – We can provide a range of fixed sensors and portable gas monitors for the detection of O3.

It is important for many industries to have accurate and fast detection of ozone to avoid the gas reaching dangerous toxic levels.

Discover our range of ozone gas detector and associated instruments. Designed specifically for the detection of ozone. Our ozone gas detector range includes:

Occupational Exposure Levels


STEL: 0.2ppm

(Short Term exposure Limit – 15mins)


(Time Weighted Average – 8hrs)

Alarm Recommendations

Rising Latching Alarms for Life Safety Applications


First Alarm


Second Alarm


Third Alarm


Ozone Gas

Ozone is a pale blue gas with a distinctively pungent smell. Ozone gas is a powerful oxidant and has many industrial and consumer applications related to oxidation. This same high oxidising potential, however, causes ozone to damage mucous and respiratory tissues in animals, and also tissues in plants, above concentrations of about 100 ppb. This makes ozone a potent respiratory hazard and pollutant near ground level.

Ozone gas odour is sharp, reminiscent of chlorine, and detectable by many people at concentrations of as little as 10ppb in air.

Ozone Gas Detector Solutions

We can provide a range of Ozone gas detector solutions to meeting clients application and requests. From our 750 safe area addressable gas detectors, which have 80% more capability than current sensors on the market and a cost saving of around 70%. 

toc-70 safe area ozone gas detector

Pictured: Our leading 750 addressable safe area gas detector. With multiple I/O points per gas detector.

In addition to safe area fixed gas detectors we can also provide portable ozone gas detector for personal safety and alarm verification. We can provide these as both single gas and multi gas monitors depending on the sites requirements.

Finally we can also provide dated analogue 4-20mA ozone gas detector in the form of our TOC-30 Analogue detectors.

Whichever the requirements is, we can help support your team with choosing the right solution to meet your needs. Get in touch today to speak to our team.

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