Medical Gas Detection

Many modern Doctors Surgeries, Dental Practices and Cosmetic Surgeries offer on site procedures away from hospitals. Many of these procedures use Nitrous Oxide (N2O)  as an anesthesia gas, liquid Nitrogen as a freezing agent or oxygen to help with breathing. Both can cause problems if they are not carefully monitored and controlled, this is where you need a medical gas detection system.

IGD’s Solution:

IGD offer pre-calibrated and pre-wired modular systems that can be quickly fitted to provide protection. Systems can be scaled to suit the application or can have options added as requirements grow. The TOC-750BAV range from IGD are ideally suited to these applications. For a simple Medical Gas Detection system, where liquid Nitrogen is used in an area a pre-wired TOC-750BAV fitted with an Oxygen sensor to monitor for any Oxygen deletion is an effective cost effective solution. These systems ship pre-wired with a mains plug and pre-configured allowing the used to plug in and use out of the box. If the requirement expands then further detectors can be added.

Testimonial from Ed Chapman - Chief Technical Technologist - Cardiff Principality Field Hospital

“Pass my thanks to your team [IGD], the system was delivered and installed all in good time, despite the current pandemic. Fantastic work by IGD.

Oxygen Enrichment in Hospital Wards

With the current global pandemic with COVID-19, the medical industry is being pushed to the limit. One of the concerns raised by the UK health officials is the increase of oxygen on hospital wards due to the increase in ventilators. we have created an article called Oxygen Enrichment in Hospital Wards which discusses this issue and helps provides clients with a number of solutions that fit their needs. Some of the common features on our oxygen enrichment systems include:

  • Easy to install with patented self-setup technology. Allowing onsite facilities staff to install the oxygen sensors without the requirement for an installation engineer
  • Non-self depleting technology – Our oxygen sensors have a 5 year operational lifetime, the industry standard is 2 years. Meaning once the system is installed you will be continually reducing upkeep costs year after year.
  • Built in audible and visual alarms – Our control panels all have built in audible and visual alarms which means they can operate as room status indicators for hospital staff.
  • Connections to BMS and Fire systems – you can connect all our control panels to a site wide BMS, Fire system or set them up for text and email alerts. Thus ensuring the correct members of staff are notified when there is an increase of oxygen on the ward.
  • Connections to solenoid valves or shut off devices – all our systems can be connected to shut off devices such as solenoid valves. This ensures that in case there is a leak on the ward the pipeline is automatically shut off before it becomes hazardous to health.

Clients we have supplied our systems to:

  • NHS Hospitals in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
  • Birmingham Dental Hospital
  • Manchester NHS Nightingale
  • Nightingale Hospitals across the UK and Ireland
  • Hospital across Ireland
medical gas detection system

Pictured: Our TOCSIN 640 with Internal oxygen detector. This was supplied to a number of NHS hospital’s across the UK.


Dee McLoughlin – Birmingham Dental Hospital (See original Facebook post here) – “Fantastic work IGD team!

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Ian Davies - Senior Estates Manager - Bradford Teaching Hospital - TOC-750BAV

IGD’s Tweet is a little later as the oxygen enrichment sensors arrived with us yesterday. Absolutely awesome bits of kit. Ideal, so straight forward and basic. Even I could understand them. So simple, just plug in and after warm up off it goes!

This will make it so easy for the fire officers to be able to reliably and confidently reassure that the oxygen concentration levels are not an issue in the high usage wards…. or it will let us know if we have a problem. Really quick turnaround and delivery, thanks for the assistance IGD at least one headache resolved!

Dee McLoughlin - Birmingham Dental Hospital - Commenting on IGD's Oxygen Enrichment Sensors

Fantastic work IGD team!

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