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International Gas Detectors Ltd. design, manufacture and distribute a range of gas detection equipment for over 700 gases and vapours, operating for over a century in this field. Our mission is to provide clients with a Detectably Better gas detection product, service and support.

We are well placed in the market, designing and manufacturing our fixed gas detection systems even down to the PCB components; here in the UK.

We have also recently partnered with experts in portable gas detection, SENKO and mPower, to provide a complete range of portable gas detection equipment. All designed to help protect workers and plants across a wide range of industries from the dangers of hazardous gases within the workplace.

Being the oldest gas detection company in the world has given us specialist knowledge to provide a Detectably Better product, service and support for all of our clients. You are guaranteed to find a gas detector product at IGD approved to all of the necessary standards and certifications to ensure you and your team’s safety on site.

Watch the video of our Managing Director on who IGD are and our core values.

Global Distributor Network

Although we’re based in the UK, we distribute our products all over the world via our network of various partner and distribution companies. Our partner companies share our company values of providing clients with Detectably Better gas detection products, services and support.

Allowing us to provide Detectably Better gas detection to clients on a global scale.

Join our Distributor and Partner Network.

IGD is always striving to provide clients with Detectably Better gas detection equipment. If you want to harness the power of our addressable gas detection equipment (see the video below about our technology) and share our core values; then contact our team to join the IGD Global Partner Network.

If you would like to find out more about our partner companies and our product availability in your country, or if you would like to become an IGD representative, contact us today.

Revolutionary Addressable Gas Detection

With our vast range of detection heads comes our unique system technology. We have been at the forefront of gas detection technology for many years with our unique 2-wire addressable Sentinel+™ technology. Providing clients with 80% more system capability whilst reducing installation costs by 70%. Our Sentinel+ technology provides clients with a more reliable and secure system, all with IoT capabilities for remote system access. We are the home of addressable gas detection but still offer standalone for a truly versatile range of gas detection instruments.

We also offer the best in technology within our gas detector heads, from our revolutionary PID to our outstanding new flammable gas detector, the MK8.

Even after purchase, IGD still offers full support to all of our clients. Providing installation, training, commissioning, and repair services throughout the detector’s life, ensuring your system is always performing at its best.

IGD Your Detectably Better Choice for Gas Detection

Speak to our gas detection experts today to find out more about our Detectably Better gas detection products, services and support available to your company.

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