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International Gas Detectors

Consultancy to Installation

International Gas Detectors (IGD) develop, manufacture and market a complete range of gas detection products designed to protect people and plant against gas hazards in industry, research and commercial applications. International Gas Detectors have the resource to provide initial consultancy, through system design to installation of your gas detection a true turn key capability. We can provide on-going traceable calibration and maintenance of your gas detection systems for both IGD gas detection systems and those from other manufacturers.

❤ We just received a fantastic #testimonial from János Bálint Major who is using the SGT-P #hydrogen portable gas detector!Its great to hear the feedback and the recommendation. With our strategic partnership with Senko Europe we can provide a range of portable monitors including the single gas hydrogen monitor for the #hydrogeneconomy.The SGT-P Hydrogen monitor is a 0-1000ppm range portable detector ideal for both personal protection and leak identification for hydrogen. After all, hydrogen is the smallest known molecule that exists and is prone to escaping.You can purchase the SGT-P Hydrogen detector from our online store in the comments below. Plus we have added a link to our hydrogen gas detection page for all our solutions for #hydrogen ...
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We provide variety of installation, calibration and repair services to keep your personnel and plant safe.

Not only do we present on-going traceable calibration and maintenance for our own gas detection systems but also those from other major brands.

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Updating Boiler Room Gas Detection

Care providers Qualia Care needed to update their boiler room gas detection equipment in several of their care homes. Read our latest case study to find out our solution.


Low Temperature Ammonia Detection

Gas safety is an important consideration for any refrigeration application. Learn how we used our new Ionic ammonia sensors to provide low temperate ammonia gas detection equipment.


Carbon Dioxide Detection – Hazards Associated With Dry Ice

With the recent development and news about multiple COVID vaccines becoming available, a new problem has emerged, that of transporting and storing the vaccines. This complication is due to the vaccines needing to be stored at below freezing for long term storage and transportation. Read our solution on how to protect your employees against CO2 hazards.


Oxygen Enrichment in Hospital Wards

What is the importance of using an oxygen enrichment monitor in hospital wards? With the current pandemic of COVID-19 affecting nearly every country in the world, health officials are releasing daily updates and guidelines to combat the virus. Learn why you need to ensure you have oxygen enrichment monitors on your wards

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