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2 Year Four Gas Monitor:

The GasClip Four Gas Monitor is the next generation of multi gas detectors. Featuring a 2 year continuous battery life and no calibration required. This means unlike other multi gas detectors on the market, your GasClip Four Gas Monitor, has no hidden upkeep and service costs*.

Always On – Always Ready. Never Caught Off Guard.

Unlike many multi gas detectors currently on the market, the GasClip range is always on and always ready. This means you have 2 years battery without charging and you are never caught off guard with a flat battery. Enhanced safety at no extra cost.

Why Choose GasClip from IGD:

  • Official GasClip service partner for the UK – You are safe in the knowledge that IGD have been trained by GasClip to help with choosing your ideal portable gas detector.
  • IGD Product Life time Guarantee – If your GasClip portable does not last for 2 years and have brought it from IGD. We will replace it under warranty.
  • 100 Years of Industry Knowledge – With a century of gas detection knowledge, we can help support you with any gas detection question or application.
  • Ideal for Alarm Verification – The GasClip range of portables from IGD, are ideal to use along side your fixed system. In case your fixed gas detection system goes into alarm, you can use the GasClip portable to verify the alarm. Giving you extra security.

Key Features At A Glance:

  • 2 Year Continuous Battery Lifetime – Never need to calibrate the portable. Its Always On – Always Ready.
  • Enhanced IR Flammable Sensor – the enhanced IR sensor means you can reliably detector flammable gases in Oxygen rich and depleted atmospheres. Fail safe operation.
  • No calibration Needed – Meaning no hidden upkeep costs. No need to send your portable away to a service centre.
  • Personalisation Options – You can personalise your portable with your engineer’s name or site area. Giving site managers more accountability.
  • ATEX and IECEx Rated
  • Real Time Gas Reading
  • IP Rated 68
  • Easy 1 button operation
  • Comes with hard storage carrier case – Protecting your investment and includes adapter and calibration certificate.
  • Available to buy online now for UK market.

Gases Detected:

  • Oxygen 0-30% VOL
  • CO 0-500ppm
  • H2S 0-100ppm
  • Flammables 0-100% LEL


* IGD Recommends bump testing your portable before every use, see our online video

Available sensor types include:

  • Infra-Red (IR)
  • Electrochemical

Gases detected include:

  • Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Flammable
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