Car park gas detection

Underground car park gas detection is commonly fitted for environmental protection and energy cost saving. If there is no exhaust gas pollution present, then ventilation rates can be reduced to save energy. The building regulations specify what is required to maintain safe conditions, specifically section F which highlights the gas detection. This is a very effective energy reduction solution, provided the air quality is correctly monitored with suitable gas detectors.

Why choose IGD?

IGD can help design effective systems utilising our extensive experience of these applications. We regularly supply systems for carbon monoxide monitoring (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Flammable gases such as LPG detection (for enclosed car park applications). This is dependent upon the client’s requirements and vehicle profiles.

Pictured: Example of a car park gas detection system using TOC-650 Controller and 750 Addressable Detectors.

Carbon Monoxide is always the primary detector in this application as it poses the biggest threat to life. Other gases must be considered. If the underground area is primarily a “goods delivery point”, then Nitrogen Dioxide should be included as this is produced from diesel fuelled delivery vehicles.

Similarly, in countries with higher densities of LPG, Ethanol or Hydrogen fuelled vehicles, flammable gas detectors may be included to counter heavier than air fuel leaks. These can form significant explosive atmospheres in underground areas where concentrations can quickly accumulate.

Siting CO & NO2 detectors in car parks

Our ground breaking solution

Our latest addressable gas detector technology (2-Wire Addressable) offers the best possible installation savings; whilst giving enhanced performance and flexibility. IGD have modular solutions to suit all these applications using our 100 years+ of gas detection knowledge and industry leading technology.

2-Wire Addressable Systems:

Our 750 series addressable safe area gas detectors are the ideal solution. Using our industry leading Sentinel+ communication the sensors are interconnected via a 2-Core daisy chained cable back to the control panel. Both power and communication is down the same cable pair. In addition each sensor has multiple I/O points allowing you to control multiple devices (including third party) from a single detector. This can include temperature sensors, wind, control fans and other gas detectors.

Our 750 series controllers allow you to have up to 128 connected gas detectors on 4 highways. This means no matter how large the car park is, IGD’s systems will provide with a highly effective car park gas detection system with a cost saving of around 70-80% compared to current systems on the market. Our panels also have a 10 year guarantee.

750 series car park gas detection systems also feature a wealth of android apps, allowing your service teams to quickly and effectively service an IGD system. Furthermore, our CO sensors now have a typical 10-year lifetime; giving your clients peace of mind and reduced on-going costs, compared to other CO sensors on the market.

Finally as part of the IGD commitment we can provide full turnkey project support from design to installation (see further here). Or we can train your engineering team on designing, installing and servicing the IGD systems you provide, all free of charge.

Case Study:

IGD recently upgraded an analogue car park gas detection system to our addressable systems, as the client needed to cut costs whilst adding flexibility to their systems. You can read this case study here and see how IGD’s addressable gas detection system not only gave the client the flexibility they needed; but also how our addressable system reduced the installation cost by 70%.

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