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TOCSIN 920 addressable Gas Detector Control Panel

TOCSIN 920 Addressable Control Panel

The popular TOCSIN 920 addressable control panel series are now supplied in a custom moulded ABS case. This has the facility to incorporate either a 150W Power Supply Unit (as standard) or optionally a 300W Power Supply Unit. The new moulded case has a reversible rear enclosure allowing cable runs to enter from above, below or from the rear. The enclosure can also be recessed into walls during first fit should a more streamlined installation be required.

The TOCSIN 920 offers the user the ability to control up to 250 addressable gas detectors or other devices. The TOCSIN 920 control panel is compatible with the IGD TOCSIN 102, TOCSIN 103 and TOCSIN 903 range of Toxic, Flammable and Oxygen detectors and transmitters. The TOCSIN 920 can also be used as a host unit in conjunction with TOCSIN 700 series control panels. The system can control both analogue and digital addressable detectors. To compliment the system a range of accessories, calibration sets and audio visual alarms are available.

Available sensor types include:

  • TOC 30 Annunciator Control Panel Accessory
  • TOCSIN 107 Addressable I/O Node Control Panel Accessory
  • TOCSIN 102 Infra Red Gas Detectors
  • TOCSIN 102 Thermal Conductivity Gas Detector
  • TOCSIN 102 PhotoIonisation Gas Detectors
  • TOCSIN 102 Toxic or Oxygen Gas Detectors
  • TOCSIN 103 Industrial Gas Detectors
  • TOC-30 Series Safe Area Gas Detector
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