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Car Park Gas Detection Case Study

Car park gas detection

The Brief:

A major International ventilation company approached IGD to look at replacing their existing supplier for car park gas detection systems. The client needed to cut costs whilst adding flexibility to their their systems.

Their existing solution was a standard analogue package with individual cables to each detector. For larger installations this meant a lot of cabling and containment to run into larger car park complexes. Limited functionality from the controller left the client struggling to provide all the functionality their own clients required.

International Gas Detectors Solution:

For this client IGD could immediately offer their range of addressable gas detection systems. The ability to network gas detectors reduced cabling requirements by up to 70%. As installation costs always out way equipments costs this represented a major saving without compromise.

Another additional benefit of IGD’s addressable systems is the capability to deploy control input and output ‘nodes’ on the same cabling as the gas detectors. This meant the client could speed control their ventilation fans based on pollution levels and at the same time control warning signage within the car park. IGD’s system controllers also provided connectivity to external BMS systems.

The End Result:

IGD’s car park gas detection solutions provided this client with reduced installations costs whilst adding flexibility and extra functionality. This client now offers IGD’s systems as standard with all their car park ventilation systems