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CO2 CHUM – Carbon Dioxide Portable Detector | Portable CO2 Detector

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Product Description

CO2 CHUM – Portable CO2 Detector

Our CO2-CHUM is specifically designed for your employees personal safety. CO2 CHUM utilises the latest IR sensor technology to accurately measure carbon Dioxide level in the atmosphere. Clear audible, visual and vibration alarms, alert the user to potentially dangerous levels of CO2.

The CO2-CHUM Carbon Dioxide portable detector, detects at 0-5000 ppm range, providing a number of benefits:

  • early and accurate detection of potentially dangerous CO2 levels.
  • alarms before the UK EH40 exposure limits. This ensures employees are not exposed to toxic levels of CO2, providing increased safety.
  • Faster detection level compared to 0-5% Vol sensors. To find out more on the benefits of using low rang 0-5000ppm sensors read our article here.

Typical applications include:

  • Bottle stores
  • Bottle delivery drivers
  • Pub/bar cellar staff
  • Walk in refrigeration units
  • Service engineers

CO2 Portable Detector

Our portable CO2 detector has a 85dB sounder, vibration and visual alarms to provide clear indication of a hazardous gas level. The screen features a 1.7″ back light display and simple button operation and displays current live gas readings. This allows for ease of use with little training required.

Furthermore the detector is supplied with pre-programmed alarm levels, with a traceable calibration. Available for next day delivery throughout the UK. For global delivery contact us today

In addition, we also offer bulk discounts for large orders, fill out the email here to learn more. 

Do you require Oxygen depletion and CO2 portable? Are you using/transporting or storing Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide? Not to worry, we have our Dual Gas Detector CO2 and O2 portable available as well.


Supplied with:

  • 1x Portable unit
  • 1x Metal carrier/storage case
  • 1x calibration/bump test adaptor
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x USB lead
  • 1x 3-Pin UK plug
  • 1x  traceable calibration certificate.

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Brand Name
CO2 CHUM Portable
Product Name
GBP 325
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Available in Stock

Product Specification

  • USB Re-chargeable
  • ppm level detection for enhanced safety
  • ppm level detection for early leak detection
  • Easy to use with minimal training
  • Light weight – 140g
  • Sub 20 second response time
  • Belt clip
  • Easy to bump test and calibrate
  • High performance ppm IR sensor
  • 1.17″ Back light display
  • Simple button operation
  • Supplied with carrier/storage case.
  • Large battery capacity – increasing user run time
  • Detect while charging
  • Audible, visual and vibration alarms
  • 1 year warranty
  • Robust, shock proof ABS housing
  • Alarm records
  • -10 to +50 degrees C operating temperature


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