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New 2-Wire Addressable Room Status Indicators

Room Status Indicators

 At IGD we are often asked for room entry status indicators to show if it is safe or not to enter an area protected by our gas detectors. In many cases clients will ask for some kind of traffic light arrangement to ensure nobody walks into a hazard.

IGD have a simple approach to protecting environments. If we have gas detectors in an area monitoring the environment then we will have beacon sounders, clearly labelled to evacuate that area on alarm. Once evacuated we want to ensure people don’t re-enter an environment that may be unsafe. IGD’s range of room status indicators provide a novel approach which is clear and unambiguous, a key requirement.

The status indicator uses a two-line colour change display. Green when all is OK and flashing, red when its in alarm.  There is a customisable display, featuring a two line message. By default the green display will message OK TO ENTER and the flashing red display will message GAS ALARM. Furthermore, should a fault occur the display will change to yellow and display FAULT. Clear messages, easily understood by all. In addition the unit has an 85dB sounder. Placed at eye level by a doorway the unit clearly indicates the room status.

Room Status Indicator

However the unit can do much more than that:

status indicator options The display can be programmed to indicate the readings from up to 8 detectors/devices on the same addressable cable highway. This means that the room status indicator can sequentially show up to 8 gas detector readings. IGD’s Detector nodes interface to standard 4-20mA detectors. Furthermore temperature, pressure and flow probes, with a 4-20mA output appear on our room status indicators. More than this, the status indicators also have relays and digital outputs included allowing them to run additional illuminated signage, beacons, solenoids or door controls to further enhance site safety and leverage more benefits from your investment. This however is not all. Room Status Indicators, fitted with slam switches or key switches, create extra flexibility for process laboratory areas or similar applications.  

IGD’s room status indicators provide an innovative solution to a number of common problems, clearly displaying local information and alarms in a simple yet powerful format.




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