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Sales Success in India

Agra Refrigeration Seminar 2016

Success at the Federation of Cold Storage Associations of India Seminar 2016

At IGD we pride ourselves on how we work closely with clients to provide innovative solutions to their hazardous gas applications. Nothing shows this more clearly that IGD Sales Director Colin Peake’s recent trip to Agra in Uttar Pradesh, India.



Having closely discussed potential new markets with our Indian partner, Respo Safety Solutions Pvt Limited, IGD invested to attend the Federation of Cold Storage Associations of India Seminar in Agra, IGD provide a range of working products for clients to view on the exhibition stand.

The seminar was over just two days and the exhibition stand was visited by over 120 interested companies looking to enhance their cold store facilities with safety and control equipment based on the IGD product range.

TOCSIN 920 addressable Gas Detector Control Panel

IGD can provide both legacy 4-20mA and addressable single cable multi-drop solutions. Respo’s clients were able to identify not only how IGD products can enhance their safety and control functions for Cold Stores and Plant Rooms but especially with addressable solutions provide them at a lower total cost.

Addressable gas detection enables a number of gas detectors and output modules that can drive beacons, sounders or plant control all to be interconnected on a single cable. Forgetting the price of the equipment this installation technique can save clients up to 70% of their install (labour/material) costs; with IGD’s attractive pricing this enables customers to purchase effectively and to save further through simplified installation.

“It was clear that a UK product holds a value of quality and assurance to the Indian market” stated Respo Managing Director Mr Vishal Kaushal “with IGD’s enhanced solutions many clients were shocked and pleased to be able to access these solutions without the expected European premium on cost”.