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IGD’s Solution For Gas Detection In Colleges

The Problem:

When West Herts College came to International Gas Detectors (IGD) with a need to monitor for flammable gas leaks in their craft room, a fairly straight forward requirement on paper. As it turned out the challenge was not technical but rather costs. Similar to many educational and similar clients, West Herts had the budget for the equipment or the install but not both. Fortunately for West Herts College IGD had a novel solution.

IGD’s Gas Detection Solutions:

IGD’s TOC-625 Micro gas detection system is the perfect choice for exactly such applications. This system is based on IGD’s proven gas detection technology. The system caters for up to 6 gas detectors and two relay output modules. Critically for West Herts the system is produced in two versions. TOC-625 Micro can either be conventionally installed or is available with pre-made cables allowing the system to be literally plug and socketed together.

By using the plug and socket version this allowed the college to use their own maintenance staff to install the system themselves. IGD provided backup support to ensure the detectors were placed in the most effective locations. The college maintenance team then installed two detectors (one high for Acetylene detection and one low for LPG detection) a relay module with beacon sounder and controller themselves.

The Result:

On power up the TOC-625 micro system asks the user if they are ready to self-discover connected devices. The system then auto detects what modules are connected to the controller and automatically sets channel displays and alarm levels. Detectors are delivered pre-calibrated and will operate to specification on power up. IGD’s Sentinel communications protocol ensures devices remain correctly connected and operate within limits. With plug and go detectors there are no wiring errors. This allowed West Herts college to deliver an ‘on budget’ safety system without any compromises.

Test gas aerosols are also available allowing users to carry out periodic spot checks to ensure correct continued operation. The college has since extended gas detection into other installations on the site.


Written By:

Hal Collier BA


In Association with West Herts College