Design and Application Of Interlock Devices and Associated Systems Used With Gas Appliance Installations In Commercial Catering Establishments

This standard titled  “Design and application of interlock devices and associated systems used with gas appliance installations in commercial catering establishments”, recently published in October 2014 has been developed by the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) in conjunction with Gas Safe Register and representatives from the catering industry. The standard updates information and requirements for commercial kitchens.

From an IGD perspective the standard outlines requirements for ventilation interlocks and the use of CO2 monitoring. In particular:

Over-rides, fan bypasses or secondary interlocking of any form are not allowed and the design of any fitted interlock system should be so that an over-ride is not included.

That the ventilation scheme and interlock systems designed to ensure adequate ventilation levels and that gas safety and use regulations are followed

For new design installations the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels should be lower than 2800ppm and that gas supplies are isolated above this level. This regulation is designed to ensure adequate ventilation in staff areas. Further for existing installations the standard sets a limit to shut off gas supplies at 5000ppm. In both cases the interlocks must prevent re-establishment of the supply until levels of CO2 are lower than the limit.

Commercial kitchens place particular requirements on gas detectors and ventilation flow monitoring devices. IGD’s unique air flow monitoring systems and our range of CO2 monitors build on years of experience in harsh environments providing solid reliable systems.

The full standard can be downloaded from IGEM’s website


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