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online gas detection training academy

Free Online CPD Approved Gas Detection Training Courses

Here at International Gas Detectors, we have been providing gas detection systems since 1917, and have recently launched our Online Training Academy, with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) approved courses (Externally accredited by CPDUK). Available free courses range from:


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The gas detection training academy is suitable for any industry personnel including:

  • end users using gases
  • specifying gas detection
  • designing gas detection systems
  • HSE personnel
  • plant managers
  • lab managers.

Benefits of being an IGD Partner Company/Approved Service Engineers

We also have product specific ‘how to’ videos, which are designed specifically for our partner companies and our IGD-approved service engineers. This allows you to view product ‘how-to’ videos on the go, and on site, allowing you to learn more about our products and help answer your technical queries on the go. No need to wait for a reply to your technical query. Read the benefits of being an IGD Sales Partner company here.

If you would like to know more or be able to access the courses please email Hal Collier: hal.collier@internationalgasdetectors.com or call us on +44 (0)161 483 1415


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