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TOCSIN 102 Photoionisation Detector

IGD’s Latest update to the Tocsin 102 family:  Photoionisation Detector for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) further enhances the products capabilities. Furthermore, the Tocsin 102 PID detector has excellent dynamic response now to over 400 gases and vapours. This represents an unparalleled first response capability.

PID detector’s offer many advantages for VOC detection over other available technologies. Ranges of measurement are possible from Parts Per Billion (ppb) to high Parts Per Million (ppm) ranges. This is dependant on the gas or vapour being monitored.

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Tocsin 12 PID Detector has many features and benefits:

  • No Moving Parts
  • Replaceable UV Lamp
  • Replaceable electrode stack
  • Either calibrate for a specific gas or read as Iso-Butylene Equivalent
  • ATEX/IECEX Certified for Zone 1,2 operation
  • Available as an Addressable Detector
  •  4-20mA output
  • Available with local display
  • Excellent calibration stability
  • Self Cleaning in normal operation
  • Furthermore, our PID detectors can be used with our range of samplers, duct probes and adaptors

In addition, the Tocsin 102 PID detector can be used to detect many non VOC gases and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA). If you have a project or application then contact IGD for help and advice.

Available sensor types include:

  • PhotoIonisation Gas Detector

Gases detected include:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds
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