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Gas Interlock, Ventilation Interlock and Gas Detection System

Introducing the next generation of gas interlock system, ventilation interlock and gas detection system. Our PGF-30 is the ideal, cost effective solution for your gas interlock requirements. The gas interlock system can have up to 24 detectors, on one addressable cable. Unlike many other gas interlock panels on the market, the PGF-30 does not require a key switch or keypad to unlock or lock the gas proving function. Instead we utilise 21st Century technology, in the format of RFID (contactless) cards.

Key Features:

  • RFID Access – No keys or codes to remember, issue swipe cards to your authorised staff, giving you effective access control. Utilising different cards for different access levels.
  • High and Low-pressure ranges using Direct Pressure readings for kitchens and lab gases
  • Clear colour changing RGB display with live reliable gas readings and pressure readings
  • Built in E-stop
  • Gas Interlock, ventilation interlock and gas detection all on one panel. Giving you extra security and reliability. Without spending a fortune.
  • Up to 24 detectors on one addressable (networked) cable (no extra panels required).
  • Internal Sounder.
  • In and Out of hours function – the gas proving function is only enabled during those specific hours (optional)
  • Connect to wider BMS, Fire systems or Modbus supported systems.
  •  Utilising direct pressure sensor
  • Learns the system.
  • All this capability at no extra cost.
  • UK Manufactured and local support.

Hanley's Testimonial Gas Interlock System

Why Do I Need a Gas Interlock System?

PGF-30 is a modular solution for commercial kitchens or lab gas safety. Designed to meet the requirements of the latest IGEM gas safety standards, especially when flame failure devices are not present. 

The PGF-30 gas interlock system is ideal for both school laboratories, university, research labs for any gas pressure range. The PGF-30 checks the integrity of the gas pipeline pressure before the start of each day. By using pressure transducers, PGF-30 can measure direct pressure rather than weep bypass modes. Weep bypass systems rely on precise pressure switch settings, which are prone to malfunction and setup errors. Direct pressure transducers measure the actual system static and running pressures for precise leak detection. Typical ranges:

  • 0-50mBar
  • 0-1000mBar
  • 0-10 Bargas proving panel

Benefits of RFID over dated key switch and keypad technology:

  • Limits Access to Panels: Meaning only designated staff can initiate the gas proving cycle. Giving you more accountability over the life safety system.
  • Different Card Access Levels – including User Operation Only, Setup and Engineer Access.
  • No Password Handling: Easier and simpler to use with RFID than finding the correct password/key.
  • Zoning Available: the PGF-30 has multiple codes available, meaning you can zone the panels for different lab control.
  • Demonstrate Competency: The gas interlock panel can only be serviced using the MASTER card. Only IGD trained engineers have MASTER cards. Meaning you will always know your engineer is competent to service the system.

Benefits of addressable gas detection on the same panel:

By having gas detection on the same panel, you have a complete safety system, without the need to invest in more than one control panel.

  • Easier Staff Training – This makes operation and owner operator training, simpler and easier.
  • Reduced Installation Costs – as you only require one panel and unlike 4-20mA detectors, addressable detectors are on one continuous cable highway. (networked)
  • Range of Service Software – this means the engineer can correctly calibrate and check his calibration on the apps/programmes which leads to few calibration errors ensuring a safer work zone for the client.
  • Increased Safety/security – Our self-checking software, checks both the sensors and cable highway for any errors and immediately reports any problem. Direct sensor connectivity meaning no analogue signals.
  • Enhanced safety – Through controller integration. No need to interface to different units which would increase the possibility of errors.
  • Fewer False Alarms – Since the communication is all on a digital network and not utilising dated analogue signals. This means your addressable sensors have far fewer false alarms than analogue systems.
  • Over 400 gases – We can supply a range of detectors for over 400 gases.

PGF 30 Gas interlock system

How Does the PGF-30 Gas Interlock panel Work?

The gas interlock panel ‘proves’ the integrity of the downstream kitchen/lab gas supply by introducing a small amount of gas and then monitoring the pressure to ‘prove’ the system is leak tight. When the gas interlock panel determines all is well, the main supply is switched on. Should the pressure fall below pre-set levels, then the system will alert to check for leaks or unusual gas usage.

Gas Alarms – Flow Failure – E-Stop Activation?

Any of these ancillary inputs will alarm on the controller and shut off the gas supply.

gas interlock control panel

Available sensor types include:

  • Flow Probe Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Electro-chemical
  • Annunciations
  • Pellistor
  • Infrared
  • PhotoIonisation

Gases detected include:

  • Over 400+ Gases and Wide Range of Pressure Reading. Enquire Now
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