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Standalone Natural Gas Detector (CH4)

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IGD’s TOC-10 Standalone Natural Gas Detector is perfect for small domestic or commercial installations requiring gas detection. These can include house hold boiler, small commercial boiler rooms, flats,m kitchens. There are 2 different variants, Pre-plugged or wiring configuration needed by competent person. Both variants have 2 relay options allowing the detector to control solenoid valves for extra safety or to be connected to autodiallers.  Both Variants have internal alarm sounders and visual LED’s for added alertness.

Product Description

Standalone Natural Gas Detector for Methane (CH4)

The TOC-10 Series Standalone Natural Gas Detector(s) by IGD are state of the art gas detection for residential buildings, flats, commercial kitchens, Schools and general building services.

The unit is supplied pre-calibrated for the target gas, this is the option for Natural Gas (Methane), standard options are also available for LPG.

For basic operation only mains power is required. The model can be supplied pre-wired with 5M long mains lead or supplied without (meaning you will need to wire the detector).

Relay Options:

The Standalone Natural Gas detector has 2 relay options built into the detector:

  • Relay one activates at the first alarm level
  • relay two at the second alarm level.

Interface to other devices using the relays. These include:

  • remote indicators,
  • gas shut off valves (this enables the detector to automatically shut the gas supply off, when gas is detected)
  • autodiallers, allowing you to receive notifications of gas alarms, when you are not on site etc.

The built in sounder provides clear, and very loud indication of a gas alert. Indicators on the unit give clear visual alarms.

IGD’s Sensor Technology

IGD Domestic Gas Natural gas detectors utilise the same technology as our ATEX Certified detectors. The sensors use pellistor technology rather than semi-conductor technology. This is because semi-conductors will react to a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) found in domestic and commercial residences, including; hairsprays, aftershave, cleaning solvents etc. Since semi-conudcters react to a wide range of VOC’s, they are prone to false alarms.

IGD Pellistor technology is the same technology and go through the same rigorous testing used in our industrial and ATEX detectors, ensuring the highest standard of gas safety. The pellistor will only react to the target gas (this case Methane), which means there is no chance for false alarms, from VOC’s. Pellistor technology also feature a long than industry average sensor life (>3 Years dependant on environment)

Methane Detector

The gas detector is in standard 2 gang format. Allowing you to surface mount the detector. Furthermore you can also flush mount the detector using standard 2-gang plaster boxes.

We also supply bump test kits, these allow you to quickly test your detector, similar practice to testing a commercial fire/smoke alarm. In addition to this; IGD recommends getting your domestic detector checked and calibrated every year by a competent engineer.

Product Specification

Power = 230V AC 50/60Hz

Relay Options = 2 Relay options Changeover Contacts 4A @ 230V AC

Weather Protection = IP55

Insulation Rating = Class II

Installation = Wall Mounting Twin Gang Patress Box 

Operation Temperature = 0-55 Deg C

Operating Humidity = 0-90% RH Non Condensing

Alarm Level = Warning @ 10% LEL ,  Alarm @ 20% LEL 

Up to 6 units can be interlinked for networked operation



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