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Fixed Addressable Carbon Monoxide Detector (T625-CO)

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  • Industry first 1 click automatic setup
  • Can be supplied pre-wired using M16 Plug & Sockets or wiring needed
  • Standard 2 gang pattress mount
  • RS485 Sentinel™ Programming 
  • Dado mount or Wall mount
  • Pre-calibrated
  • In-service Calibration possible
  • Replaceable sensor fronts
  • Manufactured exclusively in the UK

Product Description

T625-CO Fixed Addressable Carbon Monoxide Detector

The T625-CO Carbon Monoxide detector is used to monitor increased levels of CO.  Applications include: boiler plant/boiler room, incinerators or power generation rooms. Our carbon Monoxide detectors have also been used in kitchens and bottle storage, other applications where CO is monitored include smoking rooms in airports and hotels.

Advantages of using IGD Sensor Technology:

T625 MICRO systems and sensors require no setup, with just 1 click of the button the controller will find and automatically setup all the alarm levels for the connected sensors. This means that you do not need any prior knowledge in gas detection experience to install and setup the system. Wiring is made simple and cost effective, as the sensors are connected on one single cable run. Furthermore, if you do not have any electrical knowledge the system can be supplied in a “plug & play” format, using pre-made cables. This allows you to deploy the system quickly and effectively, as no wiring is needed.

Sensor Technology:

Our Carbon Monoxide detectors feature exceptional calibration stability. This means that the system gives you the freedom from false alarms and potentially extends calibration periods.  Our detectors also have an above industry standard sensor life expectancy.  Saving you costs on replacement sensors, which will improve the building maintenance cost and safety.

HSE EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits Document limits long term exposure to Carbon Monoxide to 35ppm (soon to be changed to 20ppm). Advances in both metrology and microprocessor technology allow the T625 Carbon Monoxide detector to reliably monitor at lower ranges, with improved accuracy, repeatability and reliability. The typical standard range for the CO detector is 0-100ppm.

Alarm levels:

Alarm 1 = 20ppm

Alarm 2 = 55ppm

Alarm Type: Rising – Latching Alarm

Systems Accessories:

IGD supply a range of accessories for your gas detection system including:

  • Bump Test Kits. – this allows you to test your system periodically, allowing you to check the system is fully functional and your cause and effects.
  • Splash Guards. –  Splash guards protect sensors, which are placed at low levels, from both rain water and splashes, including cleaning fluids.
  • Beacon Sounders/Audible Visual Alarms. – are be fitted to our system easily using our Nodes, it will automatically find them. Supplying the system with a visual alarm indicator.

Annual Service of the System:

Any gas detection system must be service every 6 months under both the PUWER Act and BS EN 60079-29-2. All IGD equipment must be service by certified IGD engineers. (They will be carrying IGD Certified cards or phone IGD for assistance). We can offer a tailored service contracts to meet your needs.

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Brand Name
International Gas Detectors
Product Name
T625-CO Addressable Carbon Monoxide Detector
GBP 221.79
Product Availability
Available in Stock

Product Specification

  • T90 Response & Accuracy: <30s & +/-2% of Range
  • Power: 18-28V DC 
  • Outputs: RS485 Sentinel™ Programming 
  • Protection: IP54
  • Operating temperature: -5 to 55°C
  • Operating humidity: 5-95% RH Non-condensing
  • Cell Type and Life: ElectroChemical & 5 Years (dependant on environment) 
  • Weight: 425g
  • Range: 0-100ppm


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