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Beacon Sounder (Amber/Red 24V DC Mutable)

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Product Description

Beacon Sounder/Audible Visual Alarm

IGD can supply beacon sounder(s)/Audible Visual alarms to enhance your systems safety features. They provide additional visual and audible signals to assist in alerting personnel and aiding evacuation, in the event of an alarm and are ideal for any situation. The beacon sounder(s) are also supplied with laser engraved signage to further indicate that the specified beacon is for a gas alarm.

The beacons can be supplied in both pre-wired M16 Connectors, for the pre wired gas detection systems or non pre-wired versions. IGD believes it is best practice to  place one beacon outside the hazardous area with the panel and one inside as a minimum.

The beacons sounders, once connected/wired together, will be automatically be set up by the MICRO system with just 1 click.

Product Specification

  • Base Colour: Red
  • Lens Colour: Amber
  • Audbility @ 1M: Up to 106 dB
  • Tones: 32
  • Voltage: 24V
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Cable Entries: 2 x 20mm or pre wired with M16 plug & sockets
  • frequency: 400 to 2850 Hz
  • Also supplied with a laser engraved sign stating “Gas Alarm”


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