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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Why should I submit a Ticket?

A: Tickets are centrally stored record of your request to the company, rather than an individual email that may or may not end up in someone’s trash folder.

Q: How Do I know my ticket has been submitted?

A: Once you have submitted a ticket you will receive an email saying the following:

screenshot of submitted ticket

Q: How do I know my ticket has been replied to by a support agent?

A: You will receive an email like the confirmation one stating your ticket has been replied to, click view ticket to view/reply to agent.


Q: Do you have manuals for?…

A:  The manuals for all our products can be found in the downloads section of our website.


Q: When should I get my gas detection systems calibrated?

A: Gas detection systems are normally advised to be calibrated every 6 months, calibration periods can be extended of up to 12 months, based on site experience. We would never advise a calibration period of longer than 12 months, as site conditions can change considerably in a short period of time.