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Car Park Gass Detection

Underground Car Park Gas detection is commonly fitted for personal protection and energy saving. If there is no exhaust gas pollution present then ventilation rates can be reduced to save energy. This is a very effective energy reduction solution provided the air quality is correctly monitored with suitable gas detectors.

IGD can help design effective systems using our extensive experience of these applications. We regularly supply systems monitoring for Carbon Monoxide, CO2, NO2 and LPG depending on the client’s requirements and vehicle profiles. The vehicle profile is an important consideration as more fuel sources are used with vehicles. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is always the primary detector in this application as it poses the biggest threat to life. Other gases have to be considered. For instance if the underground area is primarily a goods delivery point then Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) should be included as this is produced from diesel fuelled delivery vehicles.

Similarly in countries with higher densities of LPG or Ethanol fuelled vehicles, flammable gas detectors may be included to counter heavier than air fuel leaks. These can form significant explosive threats in underground areas where concentrations can quickly build. IGD have modular solutions to suit all these applications using our expert knowledge and professional systems. Typical detector solutions could be either of our Tocsin 103 or TOC-30 range. Any of our controllers can be used for these applications. Our addressable gas detector technology offers the best possible installation savings whilst giving enhanced performance. For advice, consultation or further information contact IGD.

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